How I save money buying bras with cashback

I thought I would give back to the online bra-fitting community by sharing one way I support my bra-buying habit: with cashback. This post is basically a guide to cashback shopping. It’s a little long so here’s a quick summary:

Cashback sites partner with retailers to save you money when you shop online, including at lots of bra and lingerie retailers. I’m going to explain how it works and give you some tips/links to get started.

If you haven’t heard of cashback shopping, I hope to make this a good starting point. If you have, scroll down to see my favorite sites and recommendations. I’m gearing this towards bras and lingerie, but keep in mind that these cashback options work for pretty much all retailers for fashion or anything else. I don’t work for any of these sites and my recommendations are solely based on my own positive experiences. Not all sites are created equally and I wouldn’t recommend any that I hadn’t tested.

How does cashback work?

More info can be found in a quick google search, so I will keep this short. If you’ve heard of cashback credit cards, then you probably already know the gist: You buy something, and a third party (like your credit card company or one of the sites I will recommend below), “gives” you a percentage of your purchase back. Usually the cashback shows up as a separate balance in your cashback account. You then ask for a check, PayPal deposit, or transfer of the funds to your bank account. Cashback percentages can vary from 1%-40%, with my own anecdotal average for bras, lingerie, and dept stores at about 5%-15%.

All you have to do to participate is sign up (links below). To shop with cashback, just click a link from inside the cashback website that will take you to the site you want to shop at rather than just going to the retailer directly. That way it can log your purchase as eligible for cashback. You shop as normal and the retailer – like Amazon or Nordstrom – processes your order the same as always.

If you’re thinking, why would someone give me money to shop? Basically, the retailers see the cashback website as a referrer and partner with them. They get paid a commission for passing your business on, and transfer some of that along to you.

My recommended sites for earning cashback

  1. For the highest cashback rates overall: Top Cashback

Top Cashback USA:
My TopCash USA referral link: (If you use my referral link to sign up, after you have earned $10 in cashback in your account, you’ll get a $10 bonus. This offer may change/end soon.)

Top Cashback UK:
My TopCash UK referral link (If you use my referral link to sign up, you’ll earn a £5 bonus plus Tesco clubcard points depending on when you sign up. Sign up bonuses change/end depending on promotions.)

I have used both the US and UK Top Cashback sites and received payments without issue. Their cashback rates are typically higher than the other sites across the board. They also list active store coupons on their cashback link pages. For example, right now Macy’s has a 25% off sale sitewide, plus Top Cashback offers 8% back for purchases from Macy’s on top of that. The codes and cashback link are all provided in one place.

Some bra/lingerie brands and stores offering cashback:

TopCashback USA: Bare Necessities,, Aerie, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Amazon, ASOS, eBay, Zulily, Wacoal, Journelle, (Big Girls Bras), Belk, LeMystere, Victoria’s Secret, ModCloth, Torrid, Lane Bryant, OnGossamer, Soma, Intimissimi, Triumph, La Senza (Canada), Target, Jockey, Hanes, Old Navy,, Dicks Sporting Goods (they sell Panache Sports),, Walmart, other major retailers and department stores.

Top Cashback UK: Bravissimo, Figleaves, Debenhams, Brastop, Belle-Lingerie, Leia Lingerie, Triumph, Boux Avenue, Bras and Honey, La Perla, ASOS, New Look, John Lewis, House of Fraser, Ann Summers, Ultimmo, M&S, Next, Esty Lingerie,, L’Agent, Bluebella, Leonisa, Undercover Experience, Tesco, George, and many more.

You can cash out via PayPal or bank account on the US and UK site. UK shoppers, the UK site also offers many more payout options including gift cards for other retailers like M&S, for which you get a little bonus added to your payout amount like an extra quid or two. Cashback shopping is a whole other level in Britain. I believe you can even get cashback for offline shopping if you link your debit card. Lucky sods!

  1. For the most active community deals forums, plus occasionally better rates on eBay/Amazon

Fatwallet (USA) –
My Fatwallet referral link

I often get higher rates of cashback for eBay and Amazon than at Top Cashback and since I shop those two sites a lot, I keep Fatwallet at the top of my list for lingerie needs. I also appreciate that Fatwallet lets you leave a note for yourself when you buy something. This is useful to keep track of purchases if you buy from the same retailers often, or if something goes wrong. I find them more efficient at investigating unpaid cashback claims than Top Cashback. To be fair, unpaid claims don’t happen often.

  1. For the most multifaceted ways to earn cashback and extras
My Swagbucks referral link

Swagbucks is more than just cashback shopping. Everything you do on the site earns points, including shopping with cashback, watching videos, playing games or doing market surveys. You cash them out for gift cards when you reach the denomination you’d like. They have gift cards from loads of stores and you can get the money in PayPal credit, too. I think there is also a UK and Canadian version.

Now that you have some options, here’s how to make the most of cashback shopping without spending too much time on it.

How I save time (when saving money)

This is my biggest tip for cashback shopping. I don’t go straight to a cashback site every time I feel like browsing for bras (that’s pretty often). If a session times out or you close tabs or move around a lot, the site can lose track of your cashback click. So I:

  1. Browse as normal on the site of my choice, adding what I want to the cart.
  2. When I’m absolutely ready to purchase, I open the cashback site and click the link to the retailer.
  3. Now I’m back on the retail site again. My cart is already full of my goodies and my click has been tracked by the cashback provider.
  4. I check out as normal.
  5. Anywhere from a couple of hours to a week or so later, the cashback shows up in the account I clicked from (e.g. Topcash, Fatwallet or Swagbucks).

More tips and tricks

  • Cashback rates always vary and sometimes there are bonus days, e.g. when a site that normally offers 3% will offer 9%. Today Victoria’s Secret is at 2%, and is at 12% on TopCashback USA. Amazon and eBay offer cashback only in select categories at any given time. Lingerie might not always be among them.
  • Cashback websites are also great repositories of discount codes, promo codes, vouchers and the like.
  • All of these sites will send you emails unless you unsub. Choose the email account you sign up with carefully.
  • A lot of credit cards or bank cards will also offer cashback. Mine gives me 1.5% on everything. You can use them together with these cashback sites.
  • Adblockers and DoNotTrack plugins can interfere with tracking cashback purchases. If you know what these are, you’ll know how to disable them for certain sites or decide if it’s worth it to you.

I hope this helps some or all of you! Happy shopping 🙂


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