Valentine’s Day lingerie: beauty and bras makeup matchmaker edition

Personally, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because my partner thinks it’s dumb. 🙂 And anyway, when it comes to lingerie, I buy and wear what I choose for myself to feel amazing. I don’t tend to gravitate towards sexy lingerie that isn’t practical the rest of the year. Still, I enjoy the idea of Valentine’s Day lingerie for its romantic themes and design inspiration, and to peruse fun, beautiful and/or functional pieces to add to my collection, especially since traditional “Valentine” colors like red and black are perennially underrepresented in my bradrobe.

When it comes to Valentine’s choices, I’m not just hoping for fiery reds and seductive blacks (although they’re super fun), I also associate Valentine’s with cute pinks, pale nudes, mauves and lavenders; not to mention frilly, intricate, and lacy details. Red roses, candy hearts, diamond rings, bubbly champagne, fresh strawberries, rich chocolate – they’re all unique, and yet especially on this day of the year conjure up thoughts of love, infatuation, and romance, with a touch of indulgent whimsy for us non-risqué types. The sets I’ve featured here will touch on more than a few of these themes.

To add a twist to this post, I decided to combine two of my favorite things – lingerie and makeup. In my opinion, lingerie and cosmetics are like kindred spirits. Like a bra, a lipstick or eyeshadow palette can have a distinct “personality” that we can fall in love with. Some brands have an aesthetic that immediately speaks to us, while others seem suited to other bodies, lives, even skin tones. Both cosmetics and underwear are very personal and corporeal choices – in that they are intentionally applied to the body – and in this way can alter our appearance, or affect our self-esteem, whether on the surface and beneath it.

Makeup is a recently rediscovered love of mine. Again like lingerie, it’s something that I treat myself to and choose to have fun with because it makes me feel good for me. I may even, on occasion, match my eye looks to my underwear. What … am I the only one?

Well, this Valentine’s Day I’m going to be playing cupid! In this post, I’ll be the matchmaker – pairing my Valentine’s lingerie picks with my hand-selected beauty choices to make a perfect couple for an imaginary impromptu date night. Let’s see which bras and beauty items will be sharing champagne over candlelight dinner this VDay.

The Queen of Hearts – The wardrobe staple


Regular readers of this blog won’t be surprised that our first coupling begins with Comexim, my favorite Polish lingerie brand. Comexim has a few sets that could be featured for VDay from traditional reds like Rita, Poppies, Eris, Princess, Chiara, and Moulin Rouge, to more sultry numbers like Emotion, Brigette, and Black Swan. The list goes on; tons of Comexim styles have a romantic whimsy to them that I just love. Yet, above all of these I’ve listed, what better representative could I select for this post than the Queen of Hearts? She has been on my must-have list since I first discovered Comexim a couple of years ago. The satin finish fabric and contrasting red and black is made for V-Day or every day. The lace trim on the panties adds a little extra flourish. I see my Comexim bras as investments. Their quality is unmatched in the price range, the fit beautifully, are offered in an incredible size range with endless customizations, and are supremely comfortable. No bra wardrobe is complete without them. And my beloved Queen of Hearts is on sale now: go go go!

Cupid’s arrow matches Queen of Hearts with my makeup equivalent of a must-have staple: MAC’s matte lipstick in the well-loved classic shade Ruby Woo. Sleek black casing hides a punch of vivid blue-red. Who doesn’t need a perfect red lip in their collection? MAC matte lipsticks are my favorite matte formula, and after discovering them, I’ll never be without a few in my makeup bag. Creamy yet matte without drying or settling into lines, applies like a dream, and wears as well as a bullet lipstick can; what’s not to love? Both couples in this pairing are curve-hugging, supremely comfortable, worth the investment, and can be dressed up or down. A perfect match.

Roses are Red – The unexpected value


Sometimes we find love in unexpected places. Cue UK department store Marks & Spencer’s Rosie for Autograph Collection by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The more I see of this collection, the more I love. They hit it out of the park with affordable and delightful sets featuring satin and silk and with finishings and flourishes you wouldn’t expect at this price point. My favorite are the little rose gore charms on all the pieces. The entire collection definitely has that classic Valentine vibe, but with a comfortable and not “overdone” feeling. The size range isn’t too shabby either, beginning at 30 bands and with some fuller bust options up to 40G (UK FF). The selection that caught my eye is the Lace Non-Padded Bralet in this beautiful rich red tone. I don’t know what it is about red lace, but it’s one of my favorite looks for a bralette, Valentine’s Day or not. Plus it’s equal parts romance and lounge-around-the-house with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Which, let’s be real, is the same thing to me! 🙂

And who to pair with this high street treasure than an equally unexpected drugstore challenger to high-end makeup, Milani’s Rose Powder Blush. (Rosie and roses, see what I did there?!) As attractive as it is practical, Milani’s matte rose blushes are a drugstore favorite for their large pan size, pigmented formula, and beautiful sculpted rose pan design. Together, this couple can be mistaken for a million bucks without breaking the budget. Yes, please.

Fringe benefits – The eyelash (lace) a-flutter

This pairing features one of Valentine’s Day’s more subtle and easily-overlooked adornments – lace. Cheap lace lingerie can be, well, cheap. When done correctly, it’s delightful. For this pairing, I’ve got two lacy variations on a theme. I guess it’s a double date!


Eyelash lace is a particular go-to of mine, but any kind of lace trim from the simple to the elaborate can upgrade an everyday look to a daring boudoir number. The first is an adorable Ted Baker set with navy eyelash lace atop a cream mesh base. Maybe these aren’t traditional VDay colors, but I adore the contrast of navy and beige together and think it looks super romantic year-round (you may see shades of my beloved Comexim Victoria here and you wouldn’t be wrong). I love how the eyelash lace placement adds lightness and makes the set look more delicate.

The second use of lace in a boudoir option is from Debenhams’ DD+ Gorgeous line. I snatched this bra up in the turquoise jacquard colorway in their recent sale, but I love the silvery grey version pictured, too. Why can’t silver and black be a Valentine look? I think it’s elegant in a vintage sort of way. The scalloped lace edging is what sold this set to me. I like how it extends the silhouette of the cup and gives a little more interest to the brief, paired with the satin-finish floral jacquard fabric which happens to be utterly touchably smooth. It’s available in sizes 30-40 DD-G and is on sale now for only £22.10. (Get an additional 3-5% cashback at TopCashback UK. Sign up using my link and get a £5 Zeek gift card when you earn £10.)

This match is all about the volume. What else to pair with these eyelash-inspired looks than luscious, voluminous lashes? An eyelash curler is a must-have. The one from Tarte is pictured here. Truth be told I’m not the biggest black mascara fan, but you can’t go wrong with Lancôme’s Monsieur Big for lashes bold enough to frame a padded half cup, said no YouTube beauty guru ever.

Candy Hearts – The sugary sweet tooth


Remember those candy hearts you used to give and get as a kid? Cutting out and decorating red paper stencils to give to your beloved? Valentine’s day isn’t all about mature love affairs. Sometimes it’s just about puppy love, sugary sweetness, and bright pops of color. I had to choose two of Freya’s recent Deco Vibe colorways, one in powder-puff pink and the other in candy apple red, both trimmed with a candy stripe edging. This bra is well known in the fuller bust community as a reliable t-shirt bra and needs little introduction (see my earlier post here). The Deco is known for its cleavage-plumping lift, best enjoyed while snacking on cutesy candy hearts, IMO.

I’m pairing these sweeties with this bubblegum pink lipstick from KIKO Milano’s Candy Split Collection. But really, the entire collection is a perfect match. From the sugary sweet colors to the candy-stripe packaging, most of KIKO’s selections looks like they were made to be packaged together with these Decos. FYI, if you’d like to try something from KIKO, most of the Candy Split collection is on sale right now, and they have a new VDay collection called Lip Me Lots that features lipsticks with a heart-shaped applicator. How cute is that?

YBBB – Your body, but better


Sometimes less is more. I’m not talking about skimpy, overtly sexy lingerie, but rather pretty, lightweight, delicate and comfortable pieces designed to make you feel pretty just as you are. Bralettes fit into this category for me. Nothing says lounging around just “doing you” like get those underwires off of my ribs. The first set pictured is for our smaller-cupped cupids (light support, up to D). It’s a whimsical and ephemeral Valentine option that would also look amazing in other skin tone “nude” shades. It’s dainty, yet not simple, with silk and Chantilly lace, plus tiny little details to appreciate everywhere you look. There’s that lace again, and sweet bows, a suspender belt, and gold-tone hardware including the front closure. While Seraphina sounds perfectly angelic, its Latin roots are “fiery one”. It is crafted with love by Etsy seller Queen of Suburbia.

A second pick that fits this theme comes from the luxury brand Katherine Hamilton Intimates. The elegant, silk and lace Abbie Vintage Rose collection includes a High Waist Brief, £65; Bikini brief £48; Suspender belt £68; Rose Lace Bra £108; and Silk Robe £550. The set as pictured would total £774. If you’re going to treat yourself to these pieces, you might as well go for the robe, don’t you think? The vintage styling and faded rose colorway is beautifully romantic and delicate, making this a timeless and splurge-worthy set, in my opinion. I really adore the matching silk button details on the gore and the robe closure, but those high-waisted briefs make my heart skip a beat. Another amazing and body-friendly thing about KH Intimates is the size range. They offer 26 bands(!) as standard, with 26-38 D-HH cups available on their site. Bespoke options are also available.

These ultra-feminine looks are refreshingly clean and simple. They don’t require accessorizing with stiletto heels or even a vampy red lip. Nope, no accoutrements necessary. As matchmaker, I’m embracing the love-the-skin-you’re-in look and pairing these pieces with a lip and skincare set from Fresh. The Seraphina set reads more lightweight, whimsical and young; while the KH Intimates comes off perhaps more mature and sophisticated. Either way, youthful skin never goes out of style. The Fresh set includes the Soy Face Cleaner, Rose Face Mask (infused with real rose petals!), Deep Hydration Rose face cream, and Sugar lip treatment in Rosé. It’s got everything you need to pamper and refresh your skin. The Fresh sugar lip treatment is one of my favorite balms. The rosé shade imparts a just-kissed touch of pink that nourishes your pout.

The Bold Boss – sultry, dark, androgynous


I have plenty of cute and feminine selections in this list so far, but treat-yourself lingerie should represent any aspect of you that you’d like, and sometimes we all want to let out our dark side. What I like about this Diane set in black from French brand Empreinte is that it’s dark and luxurious, with just a hint of androgyny. It’s not opulent or indulgent, yet the contours, ruching, full-coverage cup, high-waisted silhouette, and gold hardware, all give a feeling of restraint that also emanates boldness and power. It’s the kind of set that, if you were wearing it under your executive business attire, you’d feel invincible all day. I think black lingerie can also fit into a more traditional representation of Valentine’s Day for sure. Diane is a classy set, but you can certainly dress it up more playfully for the boudoir if you like. Empreinte is worth the investment. Every time you wear it, you’ll feel special. (Psst! Until February 15th, retailer has £10 off all Empreinte with code EMPREINTESALE using my link!)

If Diane had a beauty brand love connection, in my mind it would be Anastasia Beverly Hills. She’s no frilly princess. I see this set paired with a bold, carved out brow à la ABH’s Dip Brow pomade; contour-chiseled cheekbones reminiscent of a renaissance statue; and a cut-crease eye look finished with sharply winged liner. I chose ABH’s Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette as a fitting match. It offers a selection of Valentine-friendly rosey shades, shimmery highlights, and smokey tones, so you can go as dark or light as you like.

Celestial Beauty – a diamond in the sky


Valentine’s Day representations don’t have to literally be covered in hearts. Why not switch it up with stars? I’m doubling up on Empreinte here, but I think it’s worth it. I’ve reviewed the celestial beauty that is Empreinte Cassiopée before. The entire collection is incredibly romantic. If you’re looking for something breathtaking to make a special day or night stand out from the rest of the year, this is the set. All of the colorways are stunning and this muted mauve “Macchiato” is no exception. A bonus is that it’s super flattering and comfortable on the body. It’s full coverage and supportive, giving the most elegant silhouette. And it’s mesmerizing to look at, like a night sky full of stars. (Cassiopée is also available at AmpleBosom + £10 off with code EMPREINTESALE using my link).

If cupid’s arrow had to hit just one product to match with this unique, star-studded set, it would be the aptly named – and equally French – Guerlain Météorites. These luxurious complexion finishing pearls have a price tag to match their astronomical name, and they’re a literal match made in heaven for Cassiopée. Just check out the description from Guerlain:

the Météorites hold the secret to Stardust technology – a light-creating polymer, which transforms light invisible to the naked eye into a pure and endless glow on the skin

This product is a cult favorite, not only because of its exquisite packaging that looks fabulous on your vanity, but for the soft all-over glow it imparts on the skin at the gentle sweep of a brush. An ideal companion for Cassiopée. That said, if subtlety isn’t your thing and you’d rather highlight into space yourself, another good match is Stila’s Heaven’s Hue highlighters. The bright glow from this soft, squishy cream highlight is buildable to the heavens. No diamond ring, no problem; you can be the gem.

The Tactile Beauty – All about texture


Adina Reay is one of my favorite designers that I’ve loved from afar. I haven’t had the chance to try any of her sets, but I keep putting them in my cart, anyway. The Lou set in Porto – a gorgeously rich burgundy wine – is my Valentine pick. In addition to the intoxicating color, the fascinating geometric pattern of this set is alluring and captivating to the eye. This beautifully structured monochromatic longline bra is available in sizes 28-36 DD-G. I like watching Adina Reay’s Instagram posts for photo inspirations, which often come from nature. The patterns, textures, and lines make this brand’s refined aesthetic quite unique among others.

Lou’s Valentine beauty match is Colourpop’s Love Line quad set of Super Shock Shadows. If you’re not familiar with Colourpop, the “super shock” eyeshadows are unique formula like a hybrid powder-cream with a soft, bouncy texture. They come in individual pots and Love Line is a set of 4. Very little in the beauty market compares to this formula and certainly not at such affordable prices (only $5 each and $18 for the quad). Available in matte, metallic, satin, and glitter finishes and tons of colors, they are packed with pigmentation. They’re also lots of fun to play with because they apply best with your fingers straight to your lids. What helped me to pair these two lovebirds is the textured pattern pressed into the top of each super shock shadow. Just like the alluring texture of Lou, you just can’t help but want to touch it.

If you haven’t tried anything from Colourpop yet, you must! It has quickly become one of my favorite brands. Use my referral link for $5 off your purchase and free shipping over $30. You won’t regret it!

Pure Decadence – The inimitable luxury

Since Valentine’s Day is in many ways a (self) indulgent holiday, my last match is the unapologetic height of decadence.


Luxury lingerie and swimwear designer I.D. Sarrieri’s collections are stunningly elaborate works of art composed of the finest quality fabrics and signature Chantilly lace accents. According to the designer’s page, the collections are “characterized by a refined elegance, a blend of heritage, savoir-faire and modernity” and the resulting creations are “designed to be shown, offering an innovative and statement alternative to everyday wear and black-tie dressing.” I.D. Sarrieri’s designs are performance pieces of wearable art as much as they are lingerie or swimwear.

The La Naissance d’Aphrodite Plunge Neck Long Slip in Black Skin is the height of expression of the brands philosophy and the epitome of opulence. Composed of fine embroidered illusion tulle with a plunging neckline and open back, it’s stunning from top to bottom. It also comes with a price tag to match at €1,105. Can most of us afford it? No, but you can’t deny that it’s a captivating beauty.

Cupid’s diamond-crusted, 24k gold-dipped arrow matches the Naissance d’Aphrodite with an equally luxurious item combining beauty, art, and fashion: the Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip Colour (a heart-stopping $90) from icon Christian Louboutin. This classic red lipstick is designed to adorn the lips and the body, as it comes packaged in a black, lacquered jewelry box case with a black silk ribbon that turns the lipstick into a necklace. Both pieces are an exercise in theatricality. Wear them to be admired, secretly or otherwise.


That’s the end of my Valentine’s lingerie and beauty matchmaking. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together. Incidentally, if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, then you know I’ve been considering for some time adding makeup and beauty features and reviews to my blog in addition to lingerie. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in this. And also comment below what your favorite beauty/bra celebrity couples would be!

PSA: I’ve started posting my best lingerie and beauty deals and sale finds to my link page here (or check the link in my bio on Instagram). I update regular with new finds, so make sure you’re following and checking back often.

This post may contain affiliate or referral links.

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