Bra hunting in Spain + Oysho Bralette & Leggings Reviews

I’m going to try something a little different for this post. I recently got back from a visit Spain, and while I visit the country fairly often, until now I’ve never had a chance to go bra or lingerie shopping when I’ve been there as my itinerary is usually packed, which is another way of saying that I hardly ever get a moment to myself to just go browsing for pretty things. This time I managed to sneak away for a couple hours to see what I could find. Continue reading “Bra hunting in Spain + Oysho Bralette & Leggings Reviews”

My first Comexim order: A fit odyssey, Part I

Well, I did it. I finally ordered my first Comexim bra! I wasn’t planning on blogging anything about Comexim until my order arrives (hopefully in about 3-4 weeks). I definitely don’t want to “jinx” it. Since it has taken me a long, long time to place my order, I thought it would be helpful for myself and for others if I record the various stages of my Comexim journey. It has taken quite a few hurdles for me to get as far as placing an order: figuring out the styles, guesstimating my size, opting for alterations, worrying about the language barrier, and committing to spend $40 and over a month waiting for a bra that could easily not fit. I see questions about these same issues popping up all the time, and it’s no small feat trying to figure it out alone. Here’s how it has gone for me so far. Continue reading “My first Comexim order: A fit odyssey, Part I”

Why this blog?

I used to hate bras. Lots of women that I knew and met also hated bras. Bra shopping devastated us. And our common bra hatred united us.

From the time I was a teenager, I can remember trying on bras for hours and hours until there were none left untried on the rack. I would leave the stores in tears. I was told by expert fitters after exhausting sessions with a tape measure and overflowing cups that they couldn’t help me. Friends remarked that it was strange that I couldn’t find a bra that fit me right. After all, they agreed, bras were meant to be uncomfortable.

So I settled on a poor fit, and even the bras I bought and convinced myself that I liked, I actually hated. Continue reading “Why this blog?”