Swim Review: Just Peachy Dove Padded Plunge Bikini by figleaves, 30FF

My next bikini top review for this season is from Figleaves’ own brand, Just Peachy by figleaves.com. I wasn’t sure what to expect for this top as there are so few reviews from this line, but when I saw the tiny white dove print on navy, I had to add it to my cart. It was an impulse buy. For science. Continue reading “Swim Review: Just Peachy Dove Padded Plunge Bikini by figleaves, 30FF”

Swim Review: Panache Amelia Bandeau Bikini Top, 30FF

In my search for a bikini top, the Panache Amelia bandeau caught my eye right away and has been at the top of my wishlist ever since. In photos, it really stood out to me as different from other patterned tops and I was hopeful that it would be an ideal match for the swim bottoms I already have. When my order arrived, I was super excited to try it on, having never had bra-sized swimwear before. Let’s take a look at this beauty. Continue reading “Swim Review: Panache Amelia Bandeau Bikini Top, 30FF”

Bra Review: Freya Deco Charm Plunge, 30FF

I’ve been wanting to try the Freya Deco Charm Molded Plunge Bra since finding out that some Decos work for me. It’s one of the more prettified Decos with a wide lace trim along the tops of the cups and wings, a lustrous finish to the material, and a crystal gore decoration. I didn’t end up purchasing the Deco Charm, so this is going to be a brief review from a recent shopping trip where I was excited to find the 2016 spring season colorway: a shimmering magenta with bright orange accents. Continue reading “Bra Review: Freya Deco Charm Plunge, 30FF”