Bra Review: Comexim Florence Plunge, 60HH with custom alterations

Since I first discovered Comexim, I’ve desperately wanted to try the Florence plunge bra. I love the name and the pretty floral pattern. The finish looked different from other styles in the stock photos on the website. Strangely, I never did see too many review of this bra in my size range. After finding my best fit in my custom 60HH Victoria Plunge, I requested the same size and alterations from Anna for Florence.

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Bra Review: Comexim Victoria Plunge 60H standard & 60HH reduced cup comparison

By now, you might be thinking that I have an unhealthy obsession with Comexim’s Victoria bra … and you’d be right. I’ve tried it in every cut available and nearly every combination of alterations. What’s different about this review is that I may have finally found the one. Join me once again to admire this lace-adorned beauty from my favorite Polish lingerie maker. Continue reading “Bra Review: Comexim Victoria Plunge 60H standard & 60HH reduced cup comparison”

Bra Review: Comexim Elena Plunge, 28G (60HH)

A lot of my reviews end up focusing on bras that don’t quite fit, which is unsurprising because 1) hardly anything ever fits me and 2) as soon as I find a bra that fits great, my size seems to change and I have to start all over again. Finding that perfect fit is simply too elusive! But today I’d like to review a bra that actually fit: my first Comexim plunge bra, the surprising Elena. Continue reading “Bra Review: Comexim Elena Plunge, 28G (60HH)”