Bra Review: Gorsenia Patti K264 padded balconette, 65F/30F

After the previous Gorsenia bra that I tried in size 65E was too small (see my giveaway post here if you missed it), graciously provided me with another set to try in size 65F. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on Patti. Continue reading “Bra Review: Gorsenia Patti K264 padded balconette, 65F/30F”

Bra Review: Bali Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree (3488), Smart Size S

I’ve never reviewed a “matrix sized” bra from a department store before… until now! Since finding out my actual (comfortable) bra size and learning that I was sized out of most brands, I’ve relied wholly upon UK and Polish fuller bust brands. Matrix and/or S/M/L sizes have long been off my radar entirely. I have also been so preoccupied with finding supportive, wired bras that fit that I have rarely made space in my bradrobe for wireless options other than sports bras. Then some things changed …

Continue reading “Bra Review: Bali Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree (3488), Smart Size S”

Bra Review: Comexim Victoria Plunge 60H standard & 60HH reduced cup comparison

By now, you might be thinking that I have an unhealthy obsession with Comexim’s Victoria bra … and you’d be right. I’ve tried it in every cut available and nearly every combination of alterations. What’s different about this review is that I may have finally found the one. Join me once again to admire this lace-adorned beauty from my favorite Polish lingerie maker. Continue reading “Bra Review: Comexim Victoria Plunge 60H standard & 60HH reduced cup comparison”

Bra hunting in Spain + Oysho Bralette & Leggings Reviews

I’m going to try something a little different for this post. I recently got back from a visit Spain, and while I visit the country fairly often, until now I’ve never had a chance to go bra or lingerie shopping when I’ve been there as my itinerary is usually packed, which is another way of saying that I hardly ever get a moment to myself to just go browsing for pretty things. This time I managed to sneak away for a couple hours to see what I could find. Continue reading “Bra hunting in Spain + Oysho Bralette & Leggings Reviews”

Store Review: Helen of Troy Bras, Long Island, NY

It may surprise many people to learn that NY is not an endless treasure trove of amazing lingerie shopping destinations for fuller bust brands. There are a handful of lingerie stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and that is not a lot for a big city that is supposed to have everything. Once you get about 20 minutes outside of the “city”, options dwindle rapidly. Head east, and you’ll find yourself in another world entirely. Looking for bras on Long Island is especially disappointing because, despite some of the largest concentrations of malls and luxury shopping in America, there is a baffling paucity of lingerie retailers catering to non-matrix cup and band sizes.

I found out about Helen of Troy Bras when I was passing through NY on a visit about a year and a half ago. I should interject briefly here that Long Island’s privately owned boutiques are, well … hit or miss. Having already had terrible experiences elsewhere, I was hesitant to try a new shop. Helen of Troy Bras was a bit of a drive from where I was visiting. Would it be worth it? Continue reading “Store Review: Helen of Troy Bras, Long Island, NY”

Why this blog?

I used to hate bras. Lots of women that I knew and met also hated bras. Bra shopping devastated us. And our common bra hatred united us.

From the time I was a teenager, I can remember trying on bras for hours and hours until there were none left untried on the rack. I would leave the stores in tears. I was told by expert fitters after exhausting sessions with a tape measure and overflowing cups that they couldn’t help me. Friends remarked that it was strange that I couldn’t find a bra that fit me right. After all, they agreed, bras were meant to be uncomfortable.

So I settled on a poor fit, and even the bras I bought and convinced myself that I liked, I actually hated. Continue reading “Why this blog?”