Bra Review: Comexim Florence Plunge, 60HH with custom alterations

Since I first discovered Comexim, I’ve desperately wanted to try the Florence plunge bra. I love the name and the pretty floral pattern. The finish looked different from other styles in the stock photos on the website. Strangely, I never did see too many review of this bra in my size range. After finding my best fit in my custom 60HH Victoria Plunge, I requested the same size and alterations from Anna for Florence.

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Bra Review: Curvy Kate Florence Balcony, 30E

The results of my Twitter poll are in and you’ve voted for me to review another Curvy Kate bra. I’ve chosen my second favorite balcony style from my Curvy Kate haul in a lovely springtime color. The Florence balcony bra in powder blue is my perfect pick for Easter. Let’s have a look. Continue reading “Bra Review: Curvy Kate Florence Balcony, 30E”