Winter coats for fuller-bust petites: do they exist?

With winter in full swing around here (seriously, it’s been nothing but rain and freezing temperatures for the past two weeks), I find myself suffering from cold weather blues. As in, my hands and feet are quite literally turning blue. Winter is a tough time for me because, as a Reynaud’s syndrome sufferer, my extremities get uncomfortably cold and numb when the temperatures drop. Even inside toasty boots and two layers of gloves, my hands and feet stay cold most of the time. A super-warm coat is an essential for me, especially when I’m going to be outdoors a lot.  Continue reading “Winter coats for fuller-bust petites: do they exist?”


Thoughts on the Freya Deco Plunge

I first tried the Freya Deco Plunge back in late 2014 when I was in the 30G/GG or 32G size range. I was desperate for a t-shirt bra and the Deco is so well-loved in the bra community that I was excited to find it at my local Nordstrom. It was one of the first bras I tried after becoming familiar with my more accurate bra size, so with the help of a patient fitter, I tried a Deco in every color and sister size she could bring me.

It was a disaster. Continue reading “Thoughts on the Freya Deco Plunge”