Bra Review: Gorsenia Patti K264 padded balconette, 65F/30F

After the previous Gorsenia bra that I tried in size 65E was too small (see my giveaway post here if you missed it), graciously provided me with another set to try in size 65F. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on Patti.

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The Patti padded balconette is more or less the same cut and style as Margo: a lightly padded half cup style with two vertical seams at the bottom of the cup and one horizontal seam at the top. (I mention this because it can be a little difficult to tell which Gorsenia padded half cups are sister cuts and which are not just by the item numbers.) Appearance-wise, they couldn’t be more different. No dainty, muted florals here! Patti is a bright, bold coral-orange. I’ve never owned lingerie in this color before or indeed anything quite so bright, but now I’m really happy that I do.

The exterior of the cups, straps, gore and wings are all the same neon coral color. The contrast comes from the lace overlay with black embroidered flowers on it. The base fabric at the top edge of the cups has a silky-smooth satin feel. The lace overlay covers the rest of the cups as well as the gore area and front cradle. I like that the detailing is focused mainly on the bottom 3/4 of the cup, leaving a plain satin finish along the top edge that is unadorned. This makes for the top of the cup to lie flat and smooth under clothing. Under a thin t-shirt, some of the lace texture may show through, but I haven’t had any issue at all with this.

Black and coral gauze bows decorate the gore and where the straps attach, while strap the hardware is a pewter-tone metal. The wings are soft against the skin and stretchy. The back closes with 3 rows of 2 hooks and there is a G embossed at the back.

Where Patti also differs from Margo is in the interior of the cup. The cups are lined with super-soft beige cotton and they contain sewn-in cookie pockets. The material is so soft that it can’t be felt when it’s on. Cookie pockets are most often used to correct asymmetry. You simply insert a pad or “cookie” into the pocket and it helps fill some empty space in one or both cups. You can also use cookies in both cups to adjust the fit as necessary. Although I don’t need to use them right now, I appreciate that they’re included, as it makes adding inserts and keeping them in place much easier.

Size & Fit

I chose size 65F because my 65E Margo was a hair too small. In terms of fit, the two styles are very similar, so going up a size in this style worked perfectly. Unlike most padded half cups, the cups on Patti are comparatively narrow and deep. There is ample room at the bottom of the cup for lower fullness, which works well for me as these days I am quite full on bottom and comparatively shallow on top in shape.

The horizontal top panel of the cup enables it to taper slightly to the bust, which again is great because of my lack of upper fullness. However, not so much that it cuts into my roots. I therefore think this style would work well for both full on bottom/shallow on top/tall roots, and full on top with short roots. Half cups can be versatile in this way as long as they are not too closed or too open on top.



Narrow and deep lightly padded half cups are definitely my “jam” when it comes to bras. I have recently added some unlined balconettes to my bradrobe, but even as my weight fluctuates and my breast shape changes, half cups are my most reliable. The straps aren’t too wide-set, which is also a complaint for half cups, but they naturally are more wide-set than a standard balconette.

Overall, the materials of this bra are very comfortable. Although it’s lightly padded and contains cookie pockets, which amounts to extra material, the build is super lightweight. It’s effortless to wear because of that. The wires are not too firm to put pressure on my bony ribs, nor are they too weak to twist on my flared ribcage during wear. I did find the back hook closure area a little scratchy when I first wore it, but my skin is very sensitive to places where there are fabric edges and that has softened with time. It’s definitely a great option for every day.



I love that Gorsenia offers substantial quality bras at a reasonable price point. It’s one of the more affordable Polish brands that I know. I wouldn’t say that the construction is impeccable – you may find a lose thread or slightly scratching finishing here or there, but you have to be very nit-picky like myself to notice it. The materials hold up to everyday wear without issue and I think are priced perfectly in their niche. Patti especially has a lot of details that I can appreciate without feeling overdone.

Final Thoughts

I’m really pleased with the bras I’ve tried from Gorsenia (thank you, Other Eden!). They offer a lot of styles to choose from. Keeping track of how the cuts differ by model number can be a little confusing, even with Bratabase. Some of their half cups are more closed on top or more open on top, with wider and shallower cups, etc. Most of the styles have a padded and a non-padded version (including Patti), so keep that in mind when ordering. Before receiving Margo and Patti, I tried the unlined Gorsenia Cheri which I ordered from other Eden via Amazon, and in size 65F, it was an entirely different fit that was about 2 cup sizes too deep for me.


Where to buy

OtherEden (free UK shipping over £20; worldwide over £40)


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