Bra Review: Ewa Michalak SM Czarna Mgiełka, 65F

It’s been about 7 years since first I became active in bra-fitting and lingerie blogging circles. My gateway was finding out my “actual” bra size and participating in fit checks and discussions over at /r/ABraThatFits as well as Bratabase. In all my years looking for perfectly fitting bras, one brand that has been omnipresent amongst fuller bust bra enthusiasts is Ewa Michalak. This Polish bra maker boasts an expansive size range from 24-60 AA-P. The narrow, project cups that draw many of us to Polish bras are beloved among many fit enthusiasts.

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Bra Review: Comexim Aida half cup (3HC), 60HH, and briefs, M, with custom alterations

It’s perfect. Is this a dream? The two most pie-in-the-sky aspirations for me in a piece of lingerie are that the garment is uniquely beautiful, and that it fits. It doesn’t sound like much to ask, does it? Shouldn’t all lingerie be pretty and comfortable at the same time? Alas, in the nearly 6 years since I’ve been searching for the bra that fits, a gorgeous and perfectly well-fitting garment has been the most elusive unicorn ever. Don’t even get me started on the matching bottoms. And then this amazing set appeared at my door and I’m head-over-heels in love with it. This is the set I’ve been waiting for.

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Bra Review: Comexim Matthiola half cup (3HC), 60HH with custom alterations

Hello, intrepid reader. Today I have for you a review of one of my latest acquisitions from my favorite artisan bra maker, Comexim. If you’ve been following along, a majority of my reviews on this blog turned out to be for bras that ultimately didn’t fit. My reviews are all fit-focused, so this is a feature, not a bug. Nevertheless, I’ve struggled to find a style that fits my size and shape even as I am often apt to give great fit advice to others. Isn’t that always the way? The past year or so, I’ve also been on a no-buy because I just simply have way too much lingerie. Finally, the time came recently to take the plunge once again and try something new. I’m so glad that I have, because I finally get to review some beautiful pieces that fit! First up, Matthiola.

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Bra Review: Comexim Florence Plunge, 60HH with custom alterations

Since I first discovered Comexim, I’ve desperately wanted to try the Florence plunge bra. I love the name and the pretty floral pattern. The finish looked different from other styles in the stock photos on the website. Strangely, I never did see too many review of this bra in my size range. After finding my best fit in my custom 60HH Victoria Plunge, I requested the same size and alterations from Anna for Florence.

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Bra Review: Gorsenia Patti K264 padded balconette, 65F/30F

After the previous Gorsenia bra that I tried in size 65E was too small (see my giveaway post here if you missed it), graciously provided me with another set to try in size 65F. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on Patti. Continue reading “Bra Review: Gorsenia Patti K264 padded balconette, 65F/30F”

Bra Review: Bali Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree (3488), Smart Size S

I’ve never reviewed a “matrix sized” bra from a department store before… until now! Since finding out my actual (comfortable) bra size and learning that I was sized out of most brands, I’ve relied wholly upon UK and Polish fuller bust brands. Matrix and/or S/M/L sizes have long been off my radar entirely. I have also been so preoccupied with finding supportive, wired bras that fit that I have rarely made space in my bradrobe for wireless options other than sports bras. Then some things changed …

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Valentine’s Day lingerie: beauty and bras makeup matchmaker edition

Personally, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because my partner thinks it’s dumb. 🙂 And anyway, when it comes to lingerie, I buy and wear what I choose for myself to feel amazing. I don’t tend to gravitate towards sexy lingerie that isn’t practical the rest of the year. Still, I enjoy the idea of Valentine’s Day lingerie for its romantic themes and design inspiration, and to peruse fun, beautiful and/or functional pieces to add to my collection, especially since traditional “Valentine” colors like red and black are perennially underrepresented in my bradrobe.

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Bra Review: Freya Wildfire Plunge, 30DD

If you follow my posts, then you know by now that I have a tendency to buy some fabulous-looking bras for the prettiness alone. I have rarely had success with Freya’s plunge balconies, but I couldn’t resist the Wildfire plunge. Let’s talk about why. Continue reading “Bra Review: Freya Wildfire Plunge, 30DD”

Bra Review: Victoria Sport Lightweight by Victoria Secret, 32D & 32DD

I’ve never reviewed anything by Victoria Secret before, and if you had asked me a year or two ago, I probably wouldn’t have considered it a possibility. However, by some unforeseen planetary alignment, I can now sister-size myself just within the size range of this retail giant. When I visited the US at the end of the summer, I had left my sports bras in the UK, so I took the opportunity to cash in on free shipping in the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale.

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