Valentine’s Day lingerie: beauty and bras makeup matchmaker edition

Personally, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because my partner thinks it’s dumb. 🙂 And anyway, when it comes to lingerie, I buy and wear what I choose for myself to feel amazing. I don’t tend to gravitate towards sexy lingerie that isn’t practical the rest of the year. Still, I enjoy the idea of Valentine’s Day lingerie for its romantic themes and design inspiration, and to peruse fun, beautiful and/or functional pieces to add to my collection, especially since traditional “Valentine” colors like red and black are perennially underrepresented in my bradrobe.

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Bra Review: Freya Wildfire Plunge, 30DD

If you follow my posts, then you know by now that I have a tendency to buy some fabulous-looking bras for the prettiness alone. I have rarely had success with Freya’s plunge balconies, but I couldn’t resist the Wildfire plunge. Let’s talk about why. Continue reading “Bra Review: Freya Wildfire Plunge, 30DD”

Bra Review: Bravissimo Etta Longline, 28F/G & Bravissimo Satine Plunge, 28FF

The Bravissimo Etta Longline has been on my must-have list for months. I mentioned it briefly in my Bravissimo store review, but now I want to give a more detailed review of one of my favorite bras that got away. There will also be a bonus mini review of the Bravissimo Satine plunge, the cut on which the Etta longline is based, so read on!

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Spotlight on The Fitting Room & Bra Review: Freya Fearne Half Cup, 28G

Freya half cups were my first bras that truly fit and they will always hold a special place in my heart. When I saw previews of the Freya Fearne half cup for AW16, I fell in love with the print and the understated details. My love of this bra also serendipitously brought me in touch with Clare, owner of The Fitting Room, a lingerie boutique in Stevenage, UK. Continue reading “Spotlight on The Fitting Room & Bra Review: Freya Fearne Half Cup, 28G”

Bra Review: Freya Fancies Longline in Chilli Red, 28FF & 30FF

The Freya Fancies longline was my most anticipated bra for AW16. Up until recently, I’ve been wearing almost exclusively Freya bras. My Freya half cups were my first “bras that fit” and I love my Decos, so I’ve always had a soft spot for the brand. I fell head over heels for the Fancies longline as soon as I saw it in previews and had to make it my first ever longline. Continue reading “Bra Review: Freya Fancies Longline in Chilli Red, 28FF & 30FF”

Bra Review: Freya Deco Charm Plunge, 30FF

I’ve been wanting to try the Freya Deco Charm Molded Plunge Bra since finding out that some Decos work for me. It’s one of the more prettified Decos with a wide lace trim along the tops of the cups and wings, a lustrous finish to the material, and a crystal gore decoration. I didn’t end up purchasing the Deco Charm, so this is going to be a brief review from a recent shopping trip where I was excited to find the 2016 spring season colorway: a shimmering magenta with bright orange accents. Continue reading “Bra Review: Freya Deco Charm Plunge, 30FF”

Thoughts on the Freya Deco Plunge

I first tried the Freya Deco Plunge back in late 2014 when I was in the 30G/GG or 32G size range. I was desperate for a t-shirt bra and the Deco is so well-loved in the bra community that I was excited to find it at my local Nordstrom. It was one of the first bras I tried after becoming familiar with my more accurate bra size, so with the help of a patient fitter, I tried a Deco in every color and sister size she could bring me.

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